Choosing A Couple’s Tent And Romantic Camping Trip Ideas

Which tent is best for a romantic camping trip?

Unfortunately, romance and practicality don’t always go hand in hand and choosing a couple’s tent is no exception.  However, we believe that finding a medium between the two is the main aim when looking for a tent worthy of a romantic camping trip.

It needs to be cozy yet spacious with room for storage and with close sleeping quarters.  Large windows and doors are advantageous to help feel part of your beautiful surroundings, from the comfort of your tent.  Yet being able to screen these gaps and having a private and secure love nest is also essential.

Another absolute necessity, in our book, is ease of erection (pardon the pun).  Setting up certain tents can be a real hassle and if you’re trying to create a romantic atmosphere then ease of set up is important.  In fact, the whole planning of this trip should be about keeping things as stress-free as possible.

So, with this in mind, we are looking for a spacious two-person tent with plenty of storage, large windows, and pop-up, if possible.  To save you the hassle of researching what works, here are some great choices that we found on Amazon!

Where should we set up our tent on our romantic camping trip?

For people to be able to relax and lose their inhibitions, they require privacy.  This should be kept in mind whilst choosing the location of your camp.  Look for cover and segregation from other campers such as natural features or even utilizing a car or van, if necessary.

Another great idea for creating a secluded area for your camp is trusty, old-fashioned, beach windscreens.  OK, there’s nothing groundbreaking about this idea but the fact of the matter is they do the job really well.  Decorate with lights and you’ve created a romantic camping area for you and your partner.

What lighting is best for a romantic camping trip?

There is an abundance of lighting to choose from when creating a romantic camping experience.  Solar powered lights are the most popular at the moment as they can be placed anywhere in and around the camp.  We would suggest using lanterns and floor lights for around the camp and fairy lights for inside and around the tent.  This will create a romantic atmosphere and save money on batteries.  Although there is no replacement for a good flashlight when it comes to practical uses, such as walking to use the bathroom or searching for something you need.

However, let’s not forget that this post is all about creating the most romantic couples camping experience possible.  For this reason, we can’t forget about candles.  We wouldn’t advise going too crazy when it comes to how many candles you use.  But one thing we will say is double up their practicality by buying insect repellent candles.  The last thing you want on a romantic couples camping trip is to be inundated with flies and bugs, or even worse; mosquitoes!

How can we sleep on a romantic camping trip?

A double air mattress is a great way to achieve comfort and a couple of extra sheets will always help.  Remember, more is always better when it comes to creating comfort in a tent.  Having plenty of pillows is also a great idea to help make a cozy love nest.

Check out this awesome double air mattress on Amazon.  It will make a massive difference to, not only your sleep but anything else you may decide to get up to!

When it comes to sleeping bags the best way to go has to be a double sleeping bag for both to share.  However, if you prefer to have one each, it is a good idea to have the same type and brand.  This way they can easily be zipped together, should the mood take you.

What can we eat on a romantic camping trip?

This can be as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it.  The first thing to consider, really, is your culinary skills in a regular kitchen before planning what you’ll cook on your romantic camping expedition.

When it comes to what you’ll cook on, there are quite a few possibilities.  There are many options, from cheap gas stoves and throw away barbecues to wood-burning stoves and propane grills.  But let’s not forget that our ultimate goals here are romance and simplicity.  With this in mind, nothing beats an open fire.  Remember safety if you decide on this option. Third-degree burns aren’t exactly romantic and it is your responsibility to leave any campsite the way you found it.

Again, food choice can depend on what you feel comfortable cooking or maybe what you believe your partner would prefer.  Camping meals can often turn into a meat fest so try to bear in mind some accompaniments.  A portion of pasta and sauce, potatoes or salad are all quick to make, at home, and easy to store.  The choice of your meal could also depend on the length of your trip, if it’s one night and close to home you can pretty much cook anything whereas you may need to catch your supper should you be going a little further afield.

What wine can we drink on a romantic camping trip?

Here’s a couple of camping meal ideas and which wine goes with them:

Sausages are salty and go great with a Riesling

Steak goes great with a red so look for a good Cabernet

Fresh fish will serve you well with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc

Or maybe your other half would be happier with the old classic, Burger, and Beers!

Whatever you decide, don’t forget the marsh mellows and chestnuts for later!

The next thing you need to consider is where you’re going to eat.  If all is going to plan then you’ll already have the romantic setting, now you just need something to sit on.  There are some great picnic sets which won’t break the bank.  But sometimes, nothing says romance more than a good old-fashioned picnic blanket.  Again, how long the trip is and whether you plan to travel light can help to determine this.

What activities can we do on a romantic camping trip?

The first thing that springs to mind, whilst thinking of activities for your romantic couples camping trip, is going for a romantic stroll.  We purposely use the word stroll here, rather than hike.  Unless your partner is particularly turned on by a tough hike through rough terrain then we suggest avoiding anything too strenuous.  You don’t want to put your partner off of the romance because they’re tired, sweaty and dirty.  A nice stroll will do much better when creating our romantic camping experience.

If the two of you are a little more adventurous then nothing could be more romantic than stand-up paddleboarding on a lake as the sun goes down.

If you’re a couple that loves to explore then letterboxing may be the perfect activity for you.  Letterboxing is a craze that has come over from the UK which involves finding hidden gems in the landscape.

This one may not be for everyone but, massage oils may create a sensual atmosphere.  Or who knows, maybe it’ll turn out to be a hilarious disaster!  But a little laughter is great for sparking romance.  There are plenty of massage oil options if this is something of interest.

Don’t forget a nice warm blanket and something comfortable to sit on outside your couple’s tent.  Watching the sunset, and star gazing, are essential when creating a romantic camping experience.  Remember, the further away from the bright lights of the city you can get then the easier the stars will be to see.

Some would say that a wireless speaker can be good to play a little music and add to the ambiance.  This is something that can be couple specific.  Using the speaker can mean using your phone to find music.  Mobile phones are best avoided when trying to create romance as they can easily become a distraction.  However, music could also help heighten the mood if necessary and could also be used to drown out any other sounds that may arise.

Another way to be entertained whilst ditching the phones is board games and card games.  There is an abundance of different games which can be a fun way for couples to spend time together.  Also, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, and a little naughty, there are a selection of adult games available.

What wildlife will there be on my romantic camping trip?

Always make sure to research the wildlife in the areas where you plan to camp.  There is an abundance of animals that can interfere with your camping trip and it is essential you know the dangers and perils they can bring.  Even more so whilst trying to create a romantic camping experience with your partner.  The last thing you need is to go for a stroll, come back and a bear has eaten the romantic meal you planned for later or a raccoon has ransacked your boudoir.  Always plan ahead and be prepared for anything that may come your way.  Or you may even choose to skip that trip for now and choose a location a little more hassle-free.  Remember, care and hassle-free are what we are aiming at when creating a romantic couples camping experience.

Putting it all together and creating a romantic camping trip

The overall idea of this article is keeping things simple.  With that in mind, we have learned to look for an easy to use and spacious couple’s tent.  To find or create a romantic, secluded, camping spot.  Not to forget your romantic lighting, both inside and outside your tent.  How to create a cozy sleeping area with an abundance of sheets, pillows and sleeping bags.  Preparing your meal at home leaving just the meat or minimal cooking, whilst creating the best meal you’re capable of.  Not forgetting the wine or beer.  Planning romantic camping activities.  Finally, check out the wildlife in the area.  But most of all, to have fun in your couple’s tent whilst on your romantic camping trip!