How To Straighten Hair While Camping Or At Festivals

If you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair, love long hikes, are going to a festival or being dragged on a family vacation, then you have thought about your hair while camping!  After all, that’s how you found this article.  To some of us, straightening our hair, and keeping it straight, is a daily struggle.  Thinking about straightening hair whilst camping just adds to this pressure.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, there are now so many added factors we have to deal with.  In the worst-case scenario, camping can mean no electric.  No electric can mean no heat and no heat can mean no straight hair.  Right?  Well, hopefully not with this guide.

We’re going to look at all the options for straightening your hair whilst camping or at a festival.  From literally using nothing but brushing techniques, and some bobby pins, to the best hair straightening ideas and portable straighteners.

Let’s get straight to it.  Here’s how to straighten your hair with no heat and no straighteners, or flat irons, whilst camping or at a festival.  Just you, your brushes, some bobby pins and a hair tie.

How to straighten hair while camping with no straighteners or flat irons

This guide is not just for when you are camping or attending a festival.  This will give you a healthy alternative, to hair straighteners, which you can use whenever you have the time.  With this being the case, we feel it’s appropriate to explain the ideal solution.  We’ll also discuss working with what we have got to hand whilst camping or at festivals.

If you’re anything like us then your hair goes really frizzy when you dry brush it.  However, the first step towards straight hair is to brush out all the tangles.  We recommend using a tangle teezer to try and get your hair as smooth as possible.

In an ideal world, even though you just brushed it.  You now need to wash your hair.  OK, we understand that this article is about straightening your hair whilst camping or at a festival.  This means you may not have the facilities to wash your hair properly.  If this is the case then using a dry shampoo, before wetting your hair, is fine.  We also understand that camping can’t always be about cleanliness so, if this isn’t possible, you can just wet your hair.  Go back and brush out any new tangles created from washing/wetting your hair before moving on.

Now we need to begin working the roots.  Grab your hair to create a ponytail with your spare hand.  Now, using your tangle teezer, brush your hair as close to the scalp as possible.  The straighter you can get your hair, the tighter you need to hold the ponytail.  When you’ve got your ponytail as tight as you can, tie it back with a hair tie.  You can use a rubber band, shoelace, or anything that will do the job if you’re camping, or at a festival, with no hair tie.  Now use a fine tooth comb to guarantee that your hair is as straight, and as tight, as possible to your scalp.  All the time pulling the ponytail as tight as it will go.

Create a bun with the remainder of your hair.  This allows the area we have just worked to dry whilst keeping the hair that still needs to be worked, damp.  Once the root area has dried fully, hopefully, this won’t take too long if you’re out in the sunshine, release the bun and take out the hair tie.  Your hair, at your roots, will now be straight.  Should you feel the rest of your hair hasn’t retained enough moisture, it is fine to dampen it a little more at this stage.  Making sure not to wet the area we have just worked and dried.

Lift your head and rake the whole of your hair back over your shoulders.  From here, we need to begin working small sections.  Grab a piece of hair, about an inch thick, and begin to work it with your tangle teezer.  The damp strand of hair should be tangle and knot free.  Now pull the hair as tight as you can around the crown of your head.  Fixing it in place with bobby pins as you go.  Any sort of bendy hair clip will do but you do need something to hold the hair in place.  This is because we are using the same principle as we did on the roots.  Continue to repeat this step until all your hair is pulled as tight and as straight as it will go around your head.

Ideally, you will have left it pinned up in this way for as long as possible.  Once all your hair is completely dry, and preferably after being left for at least a couple of hours, you can begin to release.  As you gradually work your way through, releasing the strands, you will see that your hair has become relaxed and straight.  One final, and gentle, brush through and you’re good to go.

We may have made this process sound super easy.  However, we would definitely advise a trial run before you set off on your camping trip or head to a festival.  When we have seen people fail this process, it has been for a few different reasons.

They may not have pulled the hair tight enough.  Either in the ponytail or when pinning.  They may not have kept the hair damp enough.  Moisture is key to this process and being patient during the drying phase is crucial.  They may also have attempted to use too thick of a strand during the final process.

However, with a little practice and by using this guide, you can have straight hair whilst camping or at a festival without the use of straighteners.  However, we know that not everyone has the time for all of this.  If this applies to you then read on.

What are the best Straighteners/flat irons for my hair while camping and festivals?

Let’s face it.  There is no alternative to straightening your hair with a good old-fashioned pair of straighteners.  Well, if we’re going camping or to a festival then old fashioned just isn’t going to cut it.  We need cordless straighteners.  Not only that, we need something to power them.

We simply cannot recreate a proper pair of straighteners, plugged into the mains.  However, we can show you how we can use, and charge, our cordless straighteners on a camping trip or festival.  We’ll also give you some examples of the cordless straighteners we think are up to the job.

How do I power cordless straighteners/flat irons for my hair while camping?

The first thing you’re going to need is a power source.  There are many USB power banks on the market.  Most need to be charged at home.  However, they can produce a significant amount of power which results in multiple charges right at your fingertips.  No matter where you may be!

These kind of power banks are better than nothing.  However, you will only receive a limited amount of charges which isn’t ideal for a long camping trip or festival.  Also available are solar-powered USB power banks.  They allow you to charge them before you leave for your trip and use their solar capabilities to keep the charge topped up.

This means that you can straighten your hair in the morning and your straighteners can charge through-out the day.  Check out these quality power banks on Amazon to make sure you don’t get left with messy hair!

USB straighteners/flat irons for hair while camping?

Considering what we have discussed so far, straighteners such as the B-Qtech Flat Iron make sense.  They boast ceramic plates and a  rechargeable battery. They also feature advanced infrared heat technology.  The USB charging facility completes the spec nicely, allowing us to make use of our USB solar power bank.  The battery should last about 20 minutes, which isn’t amazing but let’s not forget, we’re camping.  Not only that, they’re lightweight, easily stored and the power shuts off automatically when closed!  We would definitely recommend this type of straightener, check them out on Amazon here!

Another consideration is the OBEST Cordless Ceramic Hair Straightener and Curling Iron.  This 2 in 1 curling iron and straightener is great for your camping and festival hair needs.  Again, wireless with USB charging facility.  These straighteners also feature safety protection, to make sure they aren’t turned on in your backpack.  They will also engage automatic sleep mode, after 30 minutes non-use.

In-car straighteners/flat irons for camping and festivals

If you have access to a vehicle while you are camping or at a festival and need to straighten your hair then this is for you.  In-car straighteners, such as the Corioliss Freestyle Cordless Titanium Compact Styling Iron, are a little more expensive than the previous straighteners and flat irons.  However, in-car charging means the need for a power bank has been eliminated.  You can simply plug these straighteners into the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle.  Not only that, but once charged, they are also cordless.

OK, so they’re not going to be much help if you’re in the middle of nowhere but if not, these straighteners/flat irons could be a real luxury.  Just remember not to flatten your partner’s car battery and kill the romance!

Check out car charging flat irons

Best way to straighten hair while camping or at festivals?

Although we stand by our process of straightening hair with no heat or straighteners we acknowledge that it does take a while to do properly.  Thermacell straighteners and flat irons may not be everybody’s first choice but they would be better than nothing and they are the cheapest option.  Our top pick would be the Curioliss cordless straighteners with an in-car charger.  However, we acknowledge that these straighteners are not going to be able to help all our readers.

With this in mind, the solar-powered USB power bank with the cordless straighteners is our first choice and definitely the way to go when camping or going to a festival.  We would also advise keeping a good brush and comb with you as well as bobby pins and hair ties.

We hope this article has been of some help in your quest for straight hair.  However, looking good whilst camping is far from the most important thing.